Another weekend…

Another weekend.

I still need to get groceries and do laundry and clean more of the house.

But instead I’m posting a few pictures that I took while I could have been doing those things instead. I almost gasp (Okay, I literally gasp) when I see the mess in Zoey’s room right now. But I am going to make more of an effort to accept that I’d rather goof off at the computer. It’s my choice, after all, to take photos that make me happy, and leave the messes too long. I’m tired of complaining about the messes all the time. I could abandon my hobbies and interests and enjoyment and scrub every inch and live in an immaculate house. No thanks. But thank goodness for tight crops and shallow DOF.

p.s. Wardrobe and styling options are kept very simple here. Zoey wears the same dress two days in a row, and also to bed at night. Maddie generally starts out with something cute and then strips it off. That’s how we roll.

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