Emily Robinson — Chapstick photographer

I am addicted to Chapstick.

Not lip balm, not lip gloss, not off-brand versions. I want the real Chapstick brand, and it needs to be either cherry or strawberry. Period.

I have been addicted for at least 12 years, I think. It started sometime in college. Ever since, I could not be without the stuff. When I say, cannot be without it, I mean it.

I have worn holes in the pockets of my jeans where the stuff always is. I have ruined hundreds of loads of laundry from forgetting to take a tube out of my pocket when it makes it through the dry cycle.

I have been known to salvage a tube that is saved from the wash cycle only.

It has been found in the cracks of our couches, on the floor, in the bathroom, in every purse I’ve ever used, coat pockets, melted in car cup holders.

Recently, it has been found in Maddie’s hands and on her cheeks.

She finds it on my nightstand, because there is always a tube there. I will not go to bed without it next to me.

This morning, she happened to find it in a really beautiful patch of light. So of course you know what came next.

I love Chapstick even more now.

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