Wednesday moments before noon.

At this moment, Maddie is napping in the kitchen to the sound of the vent hood.

I’m battling a slight migraine and haven’t bathed yet.

Terry Gross is talking about privacy on the Internets with some expert on my streaming player.

The unwashed dishes are sitting quietly in the sink.

Here are some shots I took today:

A morning conversation.

Bagged lunch for field trip day.

Trees with knees.**


What she carried.

The Bere. (sic)

**The park I took Maddie to this morning? Hubby and I have nicknamed it The Meth Park.

It’s got a long path that winds along a canal, a skate park, and a decently large community of bums.

They hang out there and drink together and mostly keep to themselves. In the shot where Maddie is going down the slide, just outside the playground there was a bench with about 7 guys, some drinking cheap beer and having a lively, but respectful debate about something. They are older guys and mixed race. They almost remind me of the throwback romanticism of the train-riding hobos or something. In the shot where Maddie is standing in front of the trees with “knees,” a homeless guy and his buddy warned me to not let her wander too much into the area because she might fall and could be badly hurt. He was right, and I stood a little nearer her after that, more mindful of what could happen if she tumbled and landed on one of those pointy roots.

I was the only mom on the playground. I was surrounded by guys who are down and out (one guy was literally out), but I didn’t feel threatened or afraid. There are lots of parks that daytime moms take their kids to around here, but I never see the mommy set at this place. Makes sense, I guess. Or maybe not.

Before anyone gets the idea that I’m taking my kid to the slums, there were also touristy bike riders and a guy walking his dog, and another guy throwing rocks at a tree trying to knock down pecans.

I like the park because there is more nature there than in lots of the “safer” playgrounds. And maybe a little more life, too.

I get pretty sick of hearing or overhearing the same mundane mommy conversations about organic fruits or tantrums or school projects or carpool drama.

When we left, the guy who warned me about the pointy tree waved and smiled.

Maddie waved back and said “buh bye!”

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