iwanna take more iphone pics

But I struggle with it.

Why? Because it is f-ing brilliant.

It makes taking interesting, Holga-esque, vintage-y processed photos completely effortless.

I literally SHAKE my phone on the with the Hipstamatic app and let my phone select a photo effect randomly. I’m lazy like that.

Click. Done. And honestly, about 75 percent of the time, I’m fairly pleased with the outcome.

That does something weird to my psyche. It’s like my iphone is laughing at me. All those thousands of hours of practice with exposure and reading of blogs and fiddling with photoshop….

2 thoughts on “iwanna take more iphone pics

  1. Too funny. I just posted a on this exact thing on my blog tonight. I sure dig the iphone shots to capture the mini moments in a busy day.

    I love the close up of your oldest girl. So sweet.

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