approximately 2,225 individual beads

Today was the annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Hollywood.

We go every year. Not because we care very much about the holiday, and we certainly aren’t Irish.

It’s fun, free, and very nearby in downtown.

After, we had lunch at Ricky’s.

Never heard of Ricky’s? It’s okay. But if you are cool, you should know who the owner is; Billy Mitchell.

Still don’t know? Remember the long-haired, smarmy villain from the documentary King of Kong?

If you have never seen King of Kong, put it on your list of documentaries to see right now.

When we got home, Zoey counted the number of beads on one necklace — 89, then we multiplied it by 25 necklaces to arrive at 2,225.

That kind of thing makes a kid really happy.

Happy Sunday.

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