Thank you, camera.

A little blob of toothpaste got me thinking today.
I walked into the bathroom, and the puppy was licking it off the side of the tub.
I knew exactly what blob of toothpaste it was because I noticed it a few days ago while editing a photo of Maddie climbing into the tub.
“Isn’t that funny?” I thought.
I’m a shitty housekeeper, but a very keen observer.
Guess some moms might have wiped it off quickly, but I had forgotten about it.
Then the dog found it and did the work for me.
I was weirdly proud of this.

The thing is, without my camera, I wouldn’t have realized that little sticky squirt of aqua on the side of my rusting tub was a little story in a million stories in the mundane of my life.

It had the power to actually make me smile about a little bit of gross, instead of get grumpy about it.

My camera has taken me over this year.
It dictates that we will be messy and carefree on purpose, because that makes better photos.
My girls thank you, camera.
It tells me not to crop toothpaste out, because these photos are my journal for these days and the time I spend with my kids.
It frees me up to let the dog tug just a little too long on pant legs and tiny dresses because it’s pretty funny, isn’t it?
It compels me to spend more time outside, because the colors are vivid, the light is bright and the air is fresh.
My camera has helped me stop bitching about how dark my tiny house is and instead concentrate on how dramatic and lovely the shadows can be. It has helped me get over the mess a sandbox creates.

“Mommy, can we let Sonny get in the bath?”

Click. Click. Click.

Our birthday party for Zoey was planned for the evening because the light is better. The camera made me do it.
As a bonus, adults feel way more comfortable to drink booze after 4 p.m. and as a consequence, kids are allowed to run free, be filthy, and have fun.

Many of our guests left a 6-year-old birthday party a little buzzed and way happier than they usually are after leaving a party for a 6-year-old.
My guests thank you, camera.

My camera has given me a pass on fighting the girls with their hair, and shown me how wild and beautiful messy strands and funky bangs can look.

It has taught me that clutter can be ugly but it tells stories. Empty paper towel roll? New puppy! Empty wine bottle? Well it’s next to a pacifier, duh?

Sidewalk chalk footprints on my floor? As long as they are in the pretty light, thank you.

This is beginning to sound a bit sappy and I’m going to blame it on my 3rd (or 4th?) Corona.
But seriously, thank you, camera.

Now if you could only help me stop yelling so much…
Oh, and the shots I got of Sonny on the bed were not worth the pee stain.

3 thoughts on “Thank you, camera.

  1. yes to all of that. ALL of it. the puppy, the bathtub shots and the birthday parties (though ours start around 2 p.m.) !!

    the chalk on the dogs nose is killing me. parallel lives, i tell you.

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