Emily Robinson — front yard photographer

My front yard is not the greatest. It’s on a really busy street.

It has an ugly chainlink fence around it. (thank god, though, otherwise I would NEVER take my children out there.)

The foot traffic that passes by is of the questionable sort, a little too often. After a few drinks and after the kids are asleep, hubby and I sometimes sit out there and hope the weirdos pass by just for our amusement.

But with little girls in swimsuits and full bright sunshine,  I often cringe a little bit.

The one good thing about it? It faces west. So obviously I get that pretty light for many, many days. Living in South Florida means I overdose on that sunshine almost daily.

But is that really such a bad thing?

Yesterday morning we started out by getting damp and dirty in the yard. Overnight Noah’s proportion storms really soaked everything.

Maddie’s bedhead was epic.

Later we walked on the beach until a huge storm rained it all out again. (Nope, didn’t bring my fancy camera to the beach.)

Then, it all cleared up and we filled up the kiddie pool and sat around in the front yard again as the sun and the kids put on a show.

3 thoughts on “Emily Robinson — front yard photographer

  1. Oh Em. In my next life I want to come back as one of your daughters. They are so lucky to have you capturing every detail of their childhood. And not capturing it like most of us Moms with our phones in such standard form. You make everything look magical. Each bead of water in Zoeys hair… or um… the entire bucket of water in Maddie’s face?!? (Hilarious!)
    Would it be weird to have pictures of them hanging in my house?!
    You are A-MAZ-ING!
    The President of the Emily Robinson Fan Club Worldwide
    (no really, I think I should start a fan club)

  2. these are all so fabulous…and maddie’s bed head…i’ve never seen anything like it! love how you capture your girls em…and of course the pooch x

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