First day of Summer break

Today was the first day of summer break. I had no plans. I felt like a rock star mom when I made the girls blueberry-mango smoothies with mangoes from our very own tree.

I didn’t photograph it though.

Maddie asked if she could paint. Grudgingly, I said “yes.”

I’ve already done the fingerpaint mess and photograph it thing with Maddie by herself. I didn’t think it would get as epic messy this time. I figured since Zoey, the older, more responsible sibling was here, it would remain more civil.

When things started to get plenty messy for me (paint going onto bellies and faces), I made a dash to the bath to start the water.

When I came back, about 2 minutes later, Maddie was painted like some kind of warrior and Zoey was laughing. I tightened my jaw, then loosened it and laughed. We went out for a couple of photos in the light.

Balloons we had laying around were brought to the tub. The water was switched out twice in tub.

Later in the afternoon it rained hard. I was grateful I hadn’t planned on kiddie pool time.

2 thoughts on “First day of Summer break

  1. i heart your pictures so much. Elliott, my 4 y.o., tells me that he has two babies growing in his belly, an orange one and a green one. Their names, I am told, will be Orange Elliott and Green Elliott.

    I think his homebirth photos will look something like these. (but with orange and green instead of purple, natch.)

    • Can you temp move to Florida so I can photograph your homebirth? Pretty please??? And I gotta say, I really think Orange Elliott and Green Elliott are hipper than most stupid celebrity names.. I hope you have twins. šŸ™‚

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