10 on 10 – JULY

When I agreed to partake in this project, I was all like “yeah, sure! sounds fun! sign me up.”

Then I was all like, “oh crap! I gotta deliver the goods and there is an actual deadline?

The project involves being part of a group of an uber creative photographers who will post 10 images on the 10th of each month. All the blogs will link to form a gigantic circle of bloggity awesomeness.

So I picked July 4th, knowing there would be plenty of photo ops with fireworks, beach, hotdogs, etc..

I did things I NEVER normally do. I was squatting, in my bathing suit, in front of actual people who could see my ass wrinkling up while I steadied my big ‘ol long lens.

Long lens never makes it to the sand for anyone other than clients, people!

When Maddie started in at the Chinese buffet later in the afternoon, I all but ignored her while I obsessed over my fortune cookie message shot.

Pre-nap meltdown in the backseat? Photo op.

So I guess the gist is, I had fun and I worked harder than I normally do to capture an abnormally full day. Sorry, hubby. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for dealing with the monsters while I steadied my lens.

I’m so honored to be among this group of talent. After you scroll through, be sure to head over to Honeytree Photography to see Juliet’s take on a day in the Down Under.

Hey! I SAID don’t forget to head over to Honeytree Photography to see Juliet’s take on a day in the Down Under. Do it!

16 thoughts on “10 on 10 – JULY

  1. The pigtails and nudie-butt? Priceless! And while I don’t miss the meltdowns, it’s nice to know that I wasn’t alone like I thought I was.

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  3. that naked butt is so cute! i kind of hate that mine are getting to big to run around like when we’re around people we don’t know. at least we have a privacy fence in the backyard and they can get their exhibitionism out of their system at home.

    and that’s one of the best fortune’s i’ve ever read.

  4. wow, that shot of kiddo sipping on a drink with those super stylin shades is to die for!!! what a perfect day. oh and I want your puppy. pretty please?

  5. wow! that was a full day. But what beautiful shots! I loved the one of the dog jumping over your sleeping child. ha ha… it looks like the kind of craziness that goes on here all day long. I also love the one of your daughter sipping her drink. They were all lovely photographs that were well worth the ass wrinkling squatting. πŸ™‚

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