10 on 12?

I went to bed Wednesday night intentionally setting out to be lazy on Thursday. I’ve been working my butt off, so I decided I’d be a slug with the girls today because there was no schedule and no obligation.

And so we were. We left the house one time in the car, to go to the bank drive thru and to go to the library. I didn’t photograph either event.

I let them run into the yard when it rained. We watched way too much TV. We did a little crafting. They took a morning bath. It was mac ‘n cheese for lunch.

In the evening, after a mostly cloudy and soggy day, the golden hour came and went. We spent a few mosquito-biting moments in the front yard.

Now everyone is snoring, except for me. As soon as this blog post is done, it’s down to editing client work for me…

Oh, and I totally dig these images more than the ones I tried too hard for on the debut of 10 on 10.

6 thoughts on “10 on 12?

  1. I do try too hard for the 10 on 10 or projects like it also. It’s so stressful and the day ends up not being the best for me. BUT… my favorite images come from it. I push myself and my myself get off my lazy butt and shoot stuff that I wouldn’t have before because the camera was in my hand and I was ready. I’d say 95% of the time most of my 366 photos are taken after 7 pm, 30 minutes before the girls are in bed.

    These images are amazing. Love it. đŸ™‚

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