Emily Robinson — vacant lot photographer

Pro photogs spend lots of time scoping out great places for beautiful shoots. Many, not myself included, go to great lengths to style their clients and create stunning, “designed” portraits.
But this is my kid, so I can do what I want.

My inspiration for this “session?”
A rare moment of unaccounted for time, a vacant lot that is walking distance to my house, and a plain ‘ol Target brand diaper.
My props? A bag of goldfish crackers and some Dora shoes. Her styling? Some messy piggies and a few bruises and scrapes.

Maddie is now 2 years and a couple of months. The potty chair is out in the bathroom. We aren’t doing full bore training yet, but it’s happening. Her legs are dangling off the changing table. She’s speaking full, nearly discernible sentences.
When she can say “Mommy, I have a stink bomb,” it’s probably time to get serious about the pull-up trainers.

And because she’s my second child, and 99-percent certainly my last child, I’m nostalgic about the loss of diapers suddenly.
Yes, you heard me correctly.
Not so much that I enjoy the 15-wipe, gag-inducing messes. But I will miss the look of her toddler body and her little belly and the shape of her in a plain diaper.

So in an impromptu moment on a Friday evening, I drove one street from my house, stripped her down to her polka-dot diapered bum, and encouraged her to run free in a big place that dead-ends to the highway.
I love all of these images so much. So much my heart aches. There is one shot that makes the tears come to the surface. Kudos to you if you can figure out which one…
I love her messy hair, the shape of her, and the idea of being 2 years old and running in a field of grass in a diaper.

I’m so glad I took these shots when the inspiration hit me.
Today, when we walked there with the dog, they had cut the grass.

With a very sharp blade, indeed.

4 thoughts on “Emily Robinson — vacant lot photographer

  1. love love love. my kind of styled shoot too. my last is out of diapers now just recently and i miss the diaper butt but not changing diapers. i would guess it is shot grass013. that would one would make me tear up.

    • Jude, your work is always so breathtaking. Thanks for stopping by. My lump-in-throat shot is 007. Something about her body language and the piggies and what she’s doing wraps up the magic of this age so well for me….

  2. Oh I SO relate to your words. I am in the same boat, only my youngest is now three. I am also done with breeding so everything feels like the last and I get weepy at the smallest and most precious of things. I am so glad to hear I am not the only one.

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