August – 10 on 10

You know the kind of friend you can invite over and not even wipe the toilette down for?

The one who just gets it, and there are no apologies.

That’s what this set is about.

Client sessions have all been full of backlit, beachy utopian beauty.

Tears of joy have been shed. Baby toes have been dipped into the ocean. Sweet, sweet, wonderful things have been captured for clients lately.

Hell, I even did a wedding! And I don’t DO weddings!

So I had this thought. “You know? I ought to get my own kids up for The Sunrise Session at the beach. Yep, I’m gonna do it.”

There was a fantasy of my girls, holding hands against the surf, both with loosely ribbon-tied pig tails and lost in contemplation against the vast blues and engulfed in the salty breeze.

8 a.m. rolled around and I was still in bed. Maddie came in and snuggled and I became honest with myself.

Told myself, “Let’s just keep it real today.”

So here ya go:

“Bye, daddy!”

“TV Dash.”

“Super Pillow Girl.”

“Sonny, wanna treat?”

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel…”

“…let down your hair.”

“Okay. As long as it’s cheap.”

“Why waste a swim diaper?”

“Digging Deep.”

“We’re all in this together.”

Now, do yourself a favor and head over to Honeytree Photography and check out her wonderful images for this month.

21 thoughts on “August – 10 on 10

  1. The HELL is in the top rack of your shower caddy!?

    Moving on…. Miss Sandy Cheeks is too cute but Jude is right, Sonny is a scene stealer. And y’all need some sidewalk chalk for your front walk. 😉

  2. Are you standing on your counter for that first shot?! The scene from your blow dryer view are all to common for me too, looks like we’re curl twins!

  3. Holy crap . . . the air that Sonny caught and that look . . . cracks me up! And the sandy butt cheeks? Such a summer shot! Kinda surprised Sonny didn’t jump in the bath with the girls 🙂

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  5. I love your real. I love that we both have last nights dirty dishes out in the morning. I love that we both have clutter everywhere like little dots of honest truth and character shining through. I love your curly hair. (I tried to make mine curly yesterday and thought it turn out awesome like Emily’s. Nope.) I love clearance racks, sandy tan lined tushes, and pictures of nose picking. Everything about this is great.

  6. it’s so good knowing other people who get standing on furniture for the sake of a picture. i’m going to guess (judging by this set of photos) that i shouldn’t count on bea wearing a shirt just because she’s getting older. the girl hates unders and shirts lately. and that sandy butt photo – i am pining for some serious beach time (i want a sandy butt!!).

    i have no idea how you got that hair drying photo, but i love it!

    • Well, if Bea hates clothes now, her opinion on the matter will probably only become stronger. Zoey has a REAL problem with anything with elastic. Which rules out all panties and about 90 of clothing.
      Hairdryer shot was kinda tricky because I had to switch hands and hold a wide angle over my head. Means I was holding the hair dryer with my left hand, so there is an ethical inaccuracy there. 😉

      • yep. bea already goes commando most of the time. sometimes it catches me by surprise. i’m learning to ask before we go out in public.

  7. Tell me, please, did the cart full of toys make it home? That’s impressive. Plus I won’t lie, the Hair blob in the shower made me sick a little. Another reason I’m happy I have boys: No dolls with hair. I love watching your life. Real or Utopian at Sunrise.

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