Oh Lensbaby… you are more than just a rental.

I know we just met today.
I think I’m falling in love.
But I know it can’t last. I’ve only got one week.
It all seems so dreamy now. Everything is all a blur.
I’ve never met one that is so smooth and easy as you, but also complex and mysterious.
Suddenly, I feel carefree and less straddled by the details.
We are going camping together this weekend. I know my husband will be annoyed by the constant fiddling and fawning and twisting and turning.
But I don’t think I can keep my hands off this one….

9 thoughts on “Oh Lensbaby… you are more than just a rental.

  1. They are all gorgeous Emily? Which lensbaby lens are you using. I have been looking at the Composer Pro. I could never produce what you do, but I seriously want one too. : ) (Smee72 flickr)

  2. These are marvelous! The blur in combination with your photo-journalistic style is pretty amazing.
    I tried out Audrey’s while we were on vacation and it was every bit as fun as I’d expected. I too am curious which lens you’ve rented.

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