September 10 on 10

We went camping at this place.

It was hot. Buggy. The kids screamed at each other. Hubby and I were grumpy toward each other. The river we swam in was questionable. We spent too much money on groceries.

That was 50 percent of the trip.

The other half?

Waking up to the sun. Amazing creatures and plants to explore – crabs and beetles, raccoons and plants that close when you touch them. The smell of bacon cooking outside in the morning. Getting out of town. Walking under moonlight.

Oh, and the photo opportunities were pretty nice, too. 😉

Now please continue over to Juliet Coghlan of Honeytree Photography to see her day.

21 thoughts on “September 10 on 10

  1. So I peeked at these on my lunch break . . . and I shouldn’t have since I was hungry (bacon) and wistful (pacifier), but the baby sleeping brought a tear to my eye. Lovely!

  2. i am still recovering from the camping trip!! I mean seriously!! i woke up and my hip was numb-no joke! It was 50 degrees!! so cold. your set looks a lot warmer. i really love the one of maddie sleepin. and the jumping one. And the lens baby tree roots..

    • 50 degrees! Yikes! I think it was roughly the surface temp of the sun where we camped. Oh, with some humidity thrown in for good measure. 50 sounds fairly amazing, though. Even if I would have to purchase some socks…

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