October 10 on 10 — A day in the life of Sonny Edition

A few words about Sonny.

He’s currently 8 months old. He eats anything. He can fly. He likes baths. He thinks he is one of the kids. He sleeps in our bed, on our heads. He likes to destroy plastic toys, shoes, paper, and cardboard items. He barks at people who pass by but wags his tail if they act kindly to him. He’s about 20 pounds. He is needy. He is annoying and awesome at once. He has many expressions. The girls love and hate him. He gets carsick. He’s extremely jealous of the girls, particularly Maddie.

And we love him. 

Now head on over to see what Bethany Petrik has for a visual treat this month!

17 thoughts on “October 10 on 10 — A day in the life of Sonny Edition

  1. My cat is no where near as funny and photogenic as your dog. This makes me sad.

    What a hilarious and perfectly told story about Sonny. Every image blows me away.

  2. OMG. I adore him. And you, for the way you love him. And your patience with the craziness that is puppyhood, how you embrace it. I aspire to live the full way you seem to.

  3. all of these have to make you believe in kismet. this dog found his absolute perfect place in the world. sonny’s a very lucky guy.

  4. man…the laughter and joy you give me. everything you do is somehow entirely earnest, yet perfectly tongue in cheek. crazy character. portraits of life at their finest. love all you do.

  5. Fitting that I just got done screaming at my 13-year-old version of Sonny. I don’t even want to know how he got on the table or why that looked like a good place to sleep, but I’m so glad that you captured it.

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