10 on 10 for November

I decided to try with a macro for this installment.

The goal was the same as usual; tell a story.

How could I be creative and honest and strip down ALL the extraneous details to the bare bones of the story?

I gave up later in the day. It was too hard.

Now I get why macro photos are usually flowers, bugs, water drops and newborn toes.

The last few, after the lollipops, were me attempting to prepare for client sessions at a local park.

Do you notice how “authentic” gets blurred a bit after the candy bribes?

Snot is traded for hugs and dirt is replaced with golden hour light….

Now, rapidly click your way to a new batch of awesome this month with Cherish Bryck’s installment. 

11 thoughts on “10 on 10 for November

  1. These are wonderful Emily. I am glad to see my friend and creative partner, Cherish, in this great group of women photographers. I loved the comment about snot being traded for hugs… thanks for sharing.

  2. It’s a winner! Loving the dirty fingernails (look like mine 🙂 ) and the close up on your daughter’s eye . . . and the snot’s a winner, too.

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