10 on 10 for December

Today was a good day.

I started with a sunrise lifestyle session with a mom and her two little girls.

When I got home, it was brunch hour, so we headed to Nick’s and scarfed down some eggs, bacon, toast, potatoes, pancakes, etc..

Then we headed down to the Wynnwood area of Miami to explore around all the murals and graffiti. Maddie was nervous around all the anti-establishment wall art, but Zoey was all about posing for my camera.

Came home, and I took a nap. Woke up and played a bit with the kids/dog in the bed.

Then we all took a walk at my favorite time of day. I even snuck in a full family portrait. (Well, shadows count, right?)

After you’ve scrolled through, please pop over to Cherish Bryck and see her always-wonderful images here.


Head over to Cherish Bryck now!

13 thoughts on “10 on 10 for December

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  2. zoey leaning on the trailer blows me away. love that one. the tones in the family portrait are so pretty – i like zoey dancing to the side and your hair blowing up around you. and the b&w is just pure amazingness, so much going on in that one, i could stare it for some time.

  3. emily, you blow me away my friend. i stopped at the second image. stopped and stared. and just when i thought i had a favorite, you go making more. the shadows are so emotive and wispy and feel like a dream. which is the best kind of image to me. i love it all. i love the way you see.

  4. I can’t believe you live in a place where flowers grow year round. Pisses me off, not gonna lie. 😉 Like the street art shots a lot, and the additional one posted to FB. 🙂

  5. How cool to have sanctioned graffiti going on?! I’d kill for that here. Love the one of Zoey making the silly face – reminds me way too much of my girls at that age.

  6. I adore your family portrait!! And the anti establishment art…fantastic! The flowers on your porch make my heart swoon…it’s 34degrees here and RAINY. The b&w image is stunning.

  7. So many good ones! I used the graffiti one as an example that drawing people naked is wonderful and beautiful, but if she could please just refrain from doing it in church….

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