Maternity at the ocean – Miami Beach at sunrise

Living in South Florida, I’m always surprised if my clients are not from somewhere I’ve never visited, or don’t speak a language or two that I don’t. Lovely Gulsah (pronounced Goolshah, the best I can do!) and Tunc (pronounced Toonch, also the best I can do!) are from Turkey. They met here in Miami Beach, fell in love, got married and made a beautiful baby boy together. I got lucky to document their entire journey into parenthood. I learned some things about Turkish traditions and also made a friend along the way.

Part I of this story is their gorgeous maternity set, shot at South Pointe Park in Miami Beach, as sunrise.

g-mat-blg001 g-mat-blg002 g-mat-blg003 g-mat-blg004 g-mat-blg005 g-mat-blg006 g-mat-blg007 g-mat-blg008 g-mat-blg009 g-mat-blg010 g-mat-blg011 g-mat-blg012 g-mat-blg013 g-mat-blg014 g-mat-blg015 g-mat-blg016 g-mat-blg017 g-mat-blg018 g-mat-blg019 g-mat-blg020 g-mat-blg021 g-mat-blg022 g-mat-blg023 g-mat-blg024 g-mat-blg025 g-mat-blg026 g-mat-blg027 g-mat-blg028

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