Vista View Park, a tire swing, some ice cream cones and leaping Sonny

Christmas break is winding down, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved.

I’m ready for a return to normalcy, more time to get back into work and diving into some projects I want to tackle.

But today I made a real effort to make the most of the day with my girls. And take my camera with me, of course.

We started lazy (as we always do), then headed to Vista View Park in Davie. I think it’s a retired landfill or something. To my kids, who know nothing but sea level and below, it’s Mount Everest.

A few obvious photo bribes (or manipulations, at least) are revealed in my images below.

“Girls, want to go to a NEW park? Okay, wear these cute dresses!”

“Girls, when we get home, we can have ice cream cones. But ONLY if you agree to eat them outside under the blossoming bougainvillea bush.”

Oh, and I finished off a roll of actual film. We shall see what that little canister holds soon. 😉

vvpark001 vvpark002 vvpark003 vvpark004 vvpark005 vvpark006 vvpark007 vvpark008 vvpark009 vvpark010 vvpark011 vvpark012 vvpark013 vvpark014-d vvpark016 vvpark017 vvpark018


6 thoughts on “Vista View Park, a tire swing, some ice cream cones and leaping Sonny

  1. you do bribery well, these are really lovely. you do know that Sonny is deranged, right? and film. really!!!!! i am very excited about that.

    • Yes, my dog is absolutely deranged! But you know, I probably encourage it. It was pretty tough to blow bubbles, take a photo and keep the tire swinging by myself. I had some more hysterical shots, but most came out too blurry because I couldn’t do it all at the same time.

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