10 on 10 for January – The Maddie Mae edition

A little bit about Maddie:

Her birthday is May 18. She will be 3.

She was recently potty trained. She recently gave up her pacifier. She picks out her own clothes. She has opinions about everything. Strong ones. For instance, she was VERY opposed to eating “just one more bite” of her lunch today. (see tantrum exhibit below.) She really enjoys sunglasses. She believes most boo boos are fixed with a Dora Band-aid. She can drink out of a cup like a Big Girl, but knocks over about 1,876 cups a day. I tend to shoot her directly, and centered. She just always inspires me in that way.

Please don’t forget to click through and visit the amazing Cherish Bryck and see what she was up to this month! 
10x10-jan001 10x10-jan002 10x10-jan003 10x10-jan004 10x10-jan005 10x10-jan006 10x10-jan007 10x10-jan008 10x10-jan009 10x10-jan010 10x10-jan011 10x10-jan012 10x10-jan013 10x10-jan014

12 thoughts on “10 on 10 for January – The Maddie Mae edition

  1. stunning moments, love the one with the band aids and her piggy tails are soo adorable !!! My youngest is 3 1/2 and we are still struggling with some of the same issues..sigh lol

  2. Love that wide-open screaming cry. Gosh, and I can relate alllllll too well. I also LOVE her little piggies! She SLIGHTLY reminds me of a little Emily!

  3. so the biggest bit about maddie is that she is a beautiful character 🙂 these are the kind of pictures that will make you cry when she’s big, and probably explain to her who she was and what she was like at this age, perfectly. the nudie shots are so precious and familiar to me. our two year olds are two weeks apart in their birthdays. i can only imagine the sweet comedy they would act out together. i love how you capture who she is, her boldness, the huge smile, the huge yell. she has her mama’s spunky, special, beautiful soul, i think 🙂 xo

  4. 95% sure that Maddie and I might be kindred spirits: I think that a Hello Kitty Band-Aid can solve most boo-boos, I knock over many cups as well, and I generally cry over one more bite (but only because there is no more). Love the B&Ws!

  5. Her sitting on the tub with the dog…so cute. I absolutely adore the bw of her throwing the tantrum. It helps me feel sane : ) And that last one of her little toes…adorable. C. knocks over cups all day long as well…and sometimes bowls full of cereal.

  6. You know your in a good house when you get glitter on the bottom of your feet 🙂 Beautiful daughter and beautiful photography!

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