Finding Home: A personal photo project this year for shelter pets.

You know that commercial with the Sarah McLachlan song?

You know which one I’m talking about. The one with the abused and neglected sad animals in cages that has become famously unwatchable because it’s so terribly sad?
That commercial has been a tremendous tool to make people reach for their wallets and give money to help the animals.
But guess what? It doesn’t exactly inspire people to run out to the shelter to pick up an abused animal, or ANY animal for that matter.
The thing is, the shelter is not full to the rims with abused animals who can’t make eye contact, or mangey disease-infested pooches that nobody wants. Sure there are high needs animals there, but they are the minority, not majority of adoptable pets.
There are hundreds of wonderful, happy, adjusted, healthy pets there. They are full of quirks and personality and have many, many happy years ahead of them with the right family or owner.
Our family decided last year to get a puppy and we made a few trips to the Humane Society of Broward County to take a look and get the kids used to the idea. One of those trips later, we brought home 8-week-old Sonny.
He has completed our family in a way we didn’t even expect.
What does all this have to do with anything?
This year I decided I wanted to do a photography project that is personally rewarding and also gives back to the community in some way.
I decided I’d like to document a few more families and their journeys with a new dog from the HSBC.
My project will tie into a local awareness campaign called Gimme Some Luv.
Gimme Some Luv’s  purpose is to use social media to change some of the misconceptions about shelter adoptions and encourage families to share positive stories about their shelter-adopted pets.
So beginning sometime this month hopefully, I’ll meet with a few new families and begin documenting their pet stories at home. The participating families will receive images from the 2 or 3 sessions we do for free.
I’ll be blogging the stories as I go along, and hopefully changing a few minds and hearts about adopting from the Humane Society or any local shelter, for that matter.
The HSBC is also currently undergoing a wonderful renovation, and if all goes well, some of my best images will be displayed at the grand re-opening sometime in the fall.
Also, in case you are touchy or something, this project is not about being judgmental toward people who have lovely dogs and pets who are NOT some noble rescue story.
This project’s  main intention is to simply tell honest, happy stories of shelter-adopted dogs through photography.
 Now please enjoy my recap of Sonny images from this year.
I don’t know about you, but when I look at these photos I don’t hear any sort of sad music, do you?

sonny-hsbc001 sonny-hsbc002 sonny-hsbc003 sonny-hsbc004 sonny-hsbc005 sonny-hsbc006 sonny-hsbc007 sonny-hsbc008 sonny-hsbc009 sonny-hsbc010 sonny-hsbc011 sonny-hsbc012 sonny-hsbc013 sonny-hsbc014 sonny-hsbc015 sonny-hsbc016 sonny-hsbc017 sonny-hsbc018 sonny-hsbc019 sonny-hsbc020 sonny-hsbc021 sonny-hsbc022 sonny-hsbc023 sonny-hsbc024 sonny-hsbc025 sonny-hsbc026 sonny-hsbc027 sonny-hsbc028 sonny-hsbc029 sonny-hsbc030 sonny-hsbc031 sonny-hsbc032 sonny-hsbc033 sonny-hsbc034 sonny-hsbc035 sonny-hsbc036 sonny-hsbc037 sonny-hsbc038 sonny-hsbc039 sonny-hsbc040 sonny-hsbc041 sonny-hsbc042

7 thoughts on “Finding Home: A personal photo project this year for shelter pets.

  1. em…big, big, big congrats pal. i’m so happy to hear that this is moving forward. your year with sonny has been a joy to follow and i’m certain that this will enlighten people and encourage them to consider adopting a shelter pooch. go you!!! xx

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