Finding Home – The Heywang Family add a pup named Cooper

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time? That you are too busy? Too overwhelmed by all the stuff going on in your life?

Well, meet the Heywang Family. They are a family of six – Mom, Dad, two brothers and two sisters, all ages 9 and under. Oh, and they also have rabbits, chickens, cats, another dog and a hedgehog. I’m sure I’m forgetting a creature or two.

The easy going way they all have with each other makes it seem completely natural to have so many people and pets in one place. It’s a perfect, happy kind of chaos that makes me wonder why MY house, with only two kids and one dog, seems so nuts.

It’s been several months since their beloved older dog passed away, and ever since they’ve felt the loss. Last Friday, after taking their time to find the perfect new puppy, they spotted Cooper at the Humane Society of Broward County.

On Saturday morning when I arrived, it was soggy , gloomy kind of morning. But everyone was up and excited to play with Cooper and pass him around for snuggles.

I’ll be back to see them in about a month or so to visit again and see how Cooper has grown.

To read more about this project with the Humane Society of Broward County, click here. And be sure to follow along as I document Cooper’s new life with the Heywang family and a few other new families as I go along.

heywang-pup001 heywang-pup002 heywang-pup003 heywang-pup004 heywang-pup005 heywang-pup006 heywang-pup007 heywang-pup008 heywang-pup009 heywang-pup010 heywang-pup011 heywang-pup012 heywang-pup013 heywang-pup014 heywang-pup015 heywang-pup016 heywang-pup017 heywang-pup018 heywang-pup019 heywang-pup020 heywang-pup021 heywang-pup022 heywang-pup023 heywang-pup024 heywang-pup025 heywang-pup026 heywang-pup027 heywang-pup028 heywang-pup029 heywang-pup030

9 thoughts on “Finding Home – The Heywang Family add a pup named Cooper

  1. and so you’ve begun…and it’s a fabulous start! Congrats Em…so glad they went along with your beautiful idea! I’ll be following along and cheering all the way!!! xx

  2. i’ve volunteered at no-kill shelters before, and this idea of yours and what you’re doing with it. it’s so beautiful and powerful. i’ve often thought about volunteering to take the photos of the pups up for adoption, because sometimes they just suck, but pictures like these all over their website – I can only imagine how much positive action are they going to spur! so beautiful!

    • Thank you! I hope people can see how amazing it can be to bring home an animal from the shelter. Seriously. It doesn’t have to be this big self-righteous “save the animals” thing. There are AMAZING pets there and bringing one home is win/win.

  3. Absolutely wonderful Emily. I saw your post a couple of weeks ago about your new project and I think this is awesome. What a gorgeous collection of images of Cooper and his new family. We got a new pup last week too, and Clyde is shaping up to be as charismatic as Sonny. This is a great cause. I will be watching them all.

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