One of my favorite families, in my favorite place – South Pointe Park family and child photography

Oh, this beautiful family. They are so very special to me.

I met Priscilla and Robert when I was beginning my journey into birth photography and we hit it off so well. I photographed them being in love on the beach, with a baby on the way and hearts full of dreams and expectations.
I documented the arrival of their girl – an amazing homebirth that was incredibly inspiring and emotional. Shortly after, I came back to see them in a different kind of love again, during the hazy, dreamy newborn days.
So I cannot say adequately how much I enjoyed visiting with them again, a year later, and chasing them with my camera while they chased Elizandra all over South Pointe Park in South Beach.
Little Ellie is a firecracker, full of energy and curiosity. It has been such an honor to follow them into parenthood with my lens.
Enjoy. 😉

pr-blg001 pr-blg002 pr-blg003 pr-blg004 pr-blg005 pr-blg006 pr-blg007 pr-blg008 pr-blg009 pr-blg010 pr-blg011 pr-blg012 pr-blg013 pr-blg014 pr-blg015 pr-blg016 pr-blg017 pr-blg018 pr-blg019 pr-blg020 pr-blg021 pr-blg022 pr-blg023 pr-blg024 pr-blg025 pr-blg026 pr-blg027 pr-blg028 pr-blg029 pr-blg030 pr-blg031 pr-blg032 pr-blg033 pr-blg034 pr-blg035 pr-blg036 pr-blg037 pr-blg038 pr-blg039 pr-blg040 pr-blg041 pr-blg042 pr-blg043 pr-blg044 pr-blg045 pr-blg046 pr-blg047 pr-blg048 pr-blg049 pr-blg050 pr-blg051 pr-blg052 pr-blg053 pr-blg054 pr-blg055 pr-blg056 pr-blg057 pr-blg058

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