10 on 10 for February – moments in the front yard

I didn’t document the whole day. I didn’t pick a theme, or think about it much. I just shot about 30 minutes worth of some of my favorite things. My kids, the yard, water, sunlight, leaping dog, messy chalky artwork, and a bit of naked jumping on the bed.

After you’ve had your fill of this, please head over to Bethany Petrik to see what her moments in February were like.

10x10-feb001 10x10-feb002 10x10-feb003 10x10-feb004 10x10-feb005 10x10-feb006 10x10-feb007 10x10-feb008 10x10-feb009 10x10-feb010 10x10-feb011

19 thoughts on “10 on 10 for February – moments in the front yard

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  2. i am feeling speechless here. because the voice in these is enough. strong and filled with life to the very edges. your compositions are insane, the way you find all kinds of light, every kind spectacular…the last one, holy wow. everyone talks about “real” but sometimes it feels like a simulation of real. this is wonderful and smart and also bursting with emotion. they practically have a soundtrack.

  3. That’s a mighty fine day! We won’t have this experience until May…more likely June. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through you.

  4. Between the seventh image (just chilling in the tree . . . s’up) and the last one, I’m envious of your sunshine. So much so that I should be jealous, but I’m 99.9% sure that anything I would do with it would be crap compared to this.

  5. holy shit these images are AMAZING. they are everything i ever want to shoot. i love the bare babes and the harshness of the fence. the dog in the water. fierce and familiar. DAMN lady!

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