Finding Home – three new puppies from the Humane Society of Broward County join their new families

In the last several weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with a few new families and documenting a small bit of their lives with a new puppy from the Humane Society of Broward County.

These sessions are part of my Finding Home project – a photo documentary project dedicated to showing the rewarding relationships families can gain by taking home a shelter pet.

I’ve decided to blog three different sessions at once. I enjoy how diverse the families and puppies are, but the obvious connection of love and joy that makes them all extremely similar.

The first session is the Duran Family, with their new Boxer/German Shephard mix named Buster. The Duran Family is mom, dad and seven kiddos – teenagers on down to 3 years old. Four boys, three girls. This is their only dog and the girls have mostly staked claim to his ownership, as you can see.

Meet Buster.

buster-blg001 buster-blg002 buster-blg003 buster-blg004 buster-blg005 buster-blg006 buster-blg007 buster-blg008 buster-blg009 buster-blg010 buster-blg011 buster-blg012 buster-blg013

buster-blg015And now, meet Jagger.

He came home from the Humane Society of Broward County to live with his mama, Jacey Birch, and his new big brother, Simba. These two Chihuahas are ridiculously small and sweet. Jacey is a reporter and anchor for WPLG Local 10 and a longtime animal rescue advocate and volunteer at the Humane Society of Broward County.ย jagger-blg001 jagger-blg002 jagger-blg003 jagger-blg004 jagger-blg005 jagger-blg006 jagger-blg007 jagger-blg008 jagger-blg009 jagger-blg010 jagger-blg011 jagger-blg012ย And lastly, meet Snickers, a Yorkiepoo who came home to live with the Hudson Family.

Steve Hudson is a former chairman of the board of the HSBC and he and his wife remain very involved with volunteering and supporting the HSBC. Little Snickers is a ball of furry energy and has brought smiles to everyone in the family, especially their chocolate Lab, Daisy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย snickers-blg001 snickers-blg002 snickers-blg003 snickers-blg004 snickers-blg005 snickers-blg006 snickers-blg007 snickers-blg008 snickers-blg009 snickers-blg010 snickers-blg011 snickers-blg012 snickers-blg013
snickers-blg014If you are considering adding a new pet to your family, please always consider your local shelter first. I can promise you that you can and very likely will find the perfect pet for your family.

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