An early morning beach picnic – Hollywood Beach maternity photographer

I fell in love with Geri and her family almost instantly. We became fast friends.

From looking at these images, it’s fairly easy to tell how cool they are, right?

We planned a down-to-earth early morning beach lifestyle/maternity session that would start with a bike ride from their house and arrive to the beach for a breakfast picnic.

All the details – an antique Schwinn bike (I mean, come on!!), beautiful little Coral and her naked, worn out baby doll, their quilt, his long hair, her bump, the sun, sand…

The thing is, if I tried to plan a session like this, I couldn’t. All the beautiful little details are just who they are.

Next up, I’ll blog their equally beautiful home birth.

For now, enjoy this long overdue blog post of their maternity session.

g-mat-blg001 g-mat-blg002 g-mat-blg003 g-mat-blg004 g-mat-blg005 g-mat-blg006 g-mat-blg007 g-mat-blg008 g-mat-blg009 g-mat-blg010 g-mat-blg011 g-mat-blg012 g-mat-blg013 g-mat-blg014 g-mat-blg015 g-mat-blg016 g-mat-blg017 g-mat-blg018 g-mat-blg019 g-mat-blg020

4 thoughts on “An early morning beach picnic – Hollywood Beach maternity photographer

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  2. Hi Emily, I discovered your work through Little Bellows. Wonderful moments captured and I absolutely love your style! This family is so sweet and their home birth especially got me teary – and broody! Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful images šŸ™‚ Sita (Florida girl living in Mauritius)

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