Peace like (a) River – Hollywood Florida homebirth photographer

After our amazing maternity session together, I honestly didn’t think it could get much better… I was wrong.

In less than one hour from the time I arrived, baby River arrived. Geri made having a baby look like a minor inconvenience. A slight disruption to her plan to sleep in a little longer. If all births went this smoothly, this beautifully and this quickly, I’d try to book at least a dozen a month to photograph.

And if her husband Alex wasn’t working as a marine scientist already, I’d tell him to become a doula. Seriously.

Big sister Coral was awoken after awhile to meet her new sister and took it all in stride. The entire experience was so touching and seemed so damn EASY, except I know better. Easy doesn’t come this easy unless you have the right attitude and love in your family to make it possible. Geri and Alex clearly have it under control.

To see the slideshow, which contains more photos and a little video footage, you can click here:

G-BIRTH001 G-BIRTH002 G-BIRTH003 G-BIRTH004 G-BIRTH005 G-BIRTH006 G-BIRTH007 G-BIRTH008 G-BIRTH009 G-BIRTH010 G-BIRTH011 G-BIRTH012 G-BIRTH013 G-BIRTH014 G-BIRTH015 G-BIRTH016 G-BIRTH017 G-BIRTH018 G-BIRTH019 G-BIRTH020 G-BIRTH021 G-BIRTH022 G-BIRTH023 G-BIRTH024 G-BIRTH025 G-BIRTH026 G-BIRTH027 G-BIRTH028 G-BIRTH029 G-BIRTH030 G-BIRTH031 G-BIRTH032 G-BIRTH033 G-BIRTH034 G-BIRTH035 G-BIRTH036As an extra special bonus to my entire lovely experience and now close friendship with Geri, this image (pictured just above), was an Honorable Mention in the 2012 International Association of Professional Birth Photographer’s Competition.

To see the other winners, you can click HERE.

10 thoughts on “Peace like (a) River – Hollywood Florida homebirth photographer

  1. i teared up, right from the get go, emily. how beautiful to capture this, and one of my fave parts? daddy telling the belly button story to that sweet sibling. so brilliantly seen … ~erin xo

  2. I LOOOOVEEE everything about this!!! From the act itself, the daddy telling the sibling about the belly button, the photo on their mantel, the baby’s name, and all of their hair! I want to meet these people! ♥ I watched the video too, amazing work Emily! Kudos to you and the beautiful family 🙂

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