Two moms welcome their son – Palm Beach County birth photographer

Corinne first contacted me about birth photography way back in September. She’s also a photographer, so it was a priority to find someone to document this journey for them.

When she mentioned where they live – in Palm Beach County, which is about an hour drive for me, she also added “if it helps, my wife is gorgeous. Might make for a pretty portfolio post?!”

I did laugh about that and I knew we would be friends.

Corinne and I stayed in touch via late night FB chats and talked photography stuff as the months moved past.

When I finally got “the call,” heading to their birth didn’t really feel like a client obligation. It was fun and exciting. Lisa’s water had broken over dinner but she didn’t go into full blown labor on her own.

They checked into the hospital, spent the night being excited and not sleeping much, and Lisa was given pitocin in the morning to get her labor started.
By the late afternoon, beautiful, perfect Beckett was born to two loving moms.

I cried a bit, like I always do.

Then I gathered myself to tell the story of their first moments with their son with my camera.

Corinne and I chatted briefly about what I might say in this blog post. I wasn’t sure if I should mention anything or speak about the fact that they are two women having a baby.

But I keep coming back to the same thought. Who cares? Who cares if a baby is loved by two moms? Two men? A mom and dad? A grandma? Honestly, all I see here is love. I dare you not to cry and tell me you don’t see the same.

Yes, I know some people do care. Asshole lawmakers, backward-thinking people who are motivated by ignorance. But those kinds of people are a dying breed. Their days are numbered.

Love really does prevail. Take a look.


c002 c003 c004 c005c008c007c006c009c012 c011 c010 c013 c014 c015c016c017c018c019c020c021
c030c031c032c033c034c035c036c037c038c039c040c041c042c043c044c045c046c047c048Want to cry some more? Take a look at the slideshow of their birth, HERE.

8 thoughts on “Two moms welcome their son – Palm Beach County birth photographer

  1. Very pretty baby and family!
    I’m confused why the adoption paper photo? I guess I might be missing obvious but I cant figure that one ?

  2. I stumbled on your blog today aaaaaaand now I’m crying, lol! My daughter (2) asked why I was sad and so I explained how births are emotional and showed her the series. She said, “Oh, a baby with pretty mommies.” Beautiful!

  3. These pictures are so beautiful. You can feel the emotions of this couple throughout the photos. Thanks for sharing your precious photos. Wishing you all the best 😊

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