10 on 10 – March

I cheated a bit this month. I shot photos over two days. I started on Wednesday and got a few I loved. But then I took the girls to the playground again on Thursday afternoon and the light was so wonderful I couldn’t resist.

A couple explanations: The first photo is Maddie’s own haircut. She gave herself a little bang.  The 5th photo down makes me cry, because Zoey was crying there. She felt left out by her friends at the park that day and couldn’t figure out how to rejoin the group when she was wounded. Later, because they are all such amazing friends, we spotted them doing a group hug on their own and all was well again with Zoey’s universe.

Photos 9 and 10 are supposed to be animated gifs, but I think the files are fairly huge and probably will take 10 minutes to load. I’m learning.. I’m learning…

The last three photos – Maddie was extremely terrified of those ducks. That’s why she’s grabbing so tight to Zoey’s t-shirt in that shot. Zoey would probably go into a cage with a lion and believes she can talk to animals, so she was not afraid. I like to call that shot Duck Crack. 😉

Lastly, I did not dress Maddie in a Mini Mouse costume with a tutu. She did and I permitted it, especially since I knew it would be cute for photos. Pure coincidence that Zoey is wearing a pink Minnie Mouse t-shirt on the same day.

When you have had your fill of playground and backlit shots, head over to Cherish Bryck, who lives in Canada and likes to lament that I have hogged all the sunshine. (Although I think you will see that she does a damn good job of finding light anyway!)

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16 thoughts on “10 on 10 – March

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  2. Watermelon and Minnie Mouse . . . how can you go wrong? I love the look on Zoey’s face when she is jumping off the jungle gym . . . so fearless and full of joy! BTW, the ducks? They scare me a bit (my in-laws have them near their house, too).

  3. I love your gorgeous Florida light. Talent and good light? It’s like you won the photog lottery, or something.
    p.s. the twirling minnie mouse gif made my heart explode.

  4. oh, zoey. that makes me sad. henry had a moment like this the other (yep, i took a picture). it broke my heart, but tried to tell myself that this won’t be his last fall out with friends and that this was a learning moment for both of us. and like zoey, his friends are good and all was well soon after. that is a really gorgeous photo of her, though.

    maddie and bea have similar style i see. for a while bea wouldn’t wear any skirt unless it had a tutu under it. lately she’s been living in princess dresses. i thought it would drive me crazy, but oddly it isn’t.

  5. emily, i always want to gush with you. then i feel like it’s hard to match the way you are able to grab on to moments and fuse them to eternity somehow. everything feels epic. bold and emotional and sweeping, then close and almost painfully true. the way you capture a scene, a big scene…it’s my favorite thing that you do. just awesome.

  6. I love your kids. Is that weird? And I love all that spectacular back light that you are a genius at finding. And the ones of maddie eating watermelon need to be framed.

  7. So incredibly sweet emily. I think your life is absolutely beautiful. Right down to the watermelon drips : ) Just a teensy bit jealous of your sunshine and warm weather…we are getting snow again today in Pennsylvania. Can you please end me some of your warm days? Thank you! Happy Monday.

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