We started with a sink bath – Miami Beach baby photographer

I knew it was going to be a good session when Sara told me they usually bathe Gemma in the evening and we could start our session that way.

So when I showed up with my my camera, and the light from their amazing waterfront view was blazing into the living room, and we began with some soapy, chubby baby goodness, I was in love.

After Gemma was all scrubbed, we headed upstairs and hung out in her room for awhile. Then headed downstairs, played a bit in the living room, then headed out to the dock for some portraits by the water.

It all felt effortless and lovely. The light, their family, the love, and Gemma’s thighs. And cheeks. And.. well, all of her and them, really.


gemma-blog001 gemma-blog002 gemma-blog003 gemma-blog004 gemma-blog005 gemma-blog006 gemma-blog007 gemma-blog008 gemma-blog009 gemma-blog010 gemma-blog011 gemma-blog012 gemma-blog013 gemma-blog014 gemma-blog015 gemma-blog016 gemma-blog017 gemma-blog018 gemma-blog019 gemma-blog020

5 thoughts on “We started with a sink bath – Miami Beach baby photographer

  1. Beautiful session! The one with her facing the camera with her hand to her mouth ( and her parents looking away) is priceless!

  2. Oh, my… this is the most beautiful session I have ever seen. Each photo is so full of emotions… love them all so much!! What a sweet, cute baby girl!!

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