10 on 10 for April – the Easter Edition

I will start by saying yes, those are Christmas lights. But they are on our patio, hidden, and we never have them on, so it’s okay, right?

Also, my work is rarely about color, but Easter and springtime are fairly colorful inspirations so I sort of keyed in on that this round.

We started with some egg huntin’ in the yard, then chilled. Headed to some family for some more egg huntin’ and hanging out.

We wrapped up the day with some silly string in the front yard. Perfect.

April10x10001 April10x10002 April10x10003 April10x10004 April10x10005 April10x10006 April10x10007 April10x10008 April10x10009 April10x10010Now that you’ve had your fill of hats, dresses, chocolates and silly string, head over to see what the amazingly talented Cherish Bryck was up to this month!

10 thoughts on “10 on 10 for April – the Easter Edition

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  2. the color is crazy beautiful. and so fitting for the way you guys live. always the best ideas and compositions, but i really love the portrait from behind. ethereal, the light, the hair. xo

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