Momma love – Hollywood Beach family photographer

Mona and I were trying to make this session happen for a long time.

When the morning finally arrived, it was COLD for this thin-blooded girl. I mean like, I was wearing about 3 shirts and a sweatshirt. I think it was probably in the 50s (or maybe 60s, or 70s?), but I was worried our shoot might be difficult with my toes freezing in the sand.

But these two — they were game! Run into the surf?! Sure! Fly a kite? You bet!

Run through the splash fountain with your clothes on? Absolutely!

I loved every minute of our laid back, early morning beachcapade.

Here’s proof of their fun. (And mine!)


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6 thoughts on “Momma love – Hollywood Beach family photographer

  1. Gorgeous Emily! Are these taken at sunrise? I’ve yet to get up that early to experience the light for a shoot. These make me want to! They’re full of fun and life. Beautiful work.

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