The speedy birth of Marley – Pompano Beach birth photographer

So in the wee hours of the morning, sometime around 2:30ish, I got “the call” that April’s water had broken.

No, not really any contractions yet was the gist of the conversation. Because my adrenaline was pumping, I stayed up until around 4 a.m. then forced myself to try to get some rest.

The next call, maybe 45 minutes later was April.

“Emily. The baby is here!”

Huh? Oh no! Or, ahem, CONGRATS! BUT…

Marley came so peacefully and rapidly into the world, there was no time for a midwife, or photographer on this day. She was caught by her daddy.

It was a planned home birth, yes, but wasn’t supposed to go THIS fast!

I finally arrived some time before sunrise. It was hard to feel disappointed about missing the birth when there was so much joy and love in the room as soon as I walked in.

The beauty of Marley’s birth was illuminated rather perfectly that morning with a sunrise smack in the middle of their bedroom window.

Marley-birth-blog001 Marley-birth-blog002 Marley-birth-blog003 Marley-birth-blog004 Marley-birth-blog005 Marley-birth-blog006 Marley-birth-blog007 Marley-birth-blog008 Marley-birth-blog009 Marley-birth-blog010 Marley-birth-blog011 Marley-birth-blog012 Marley-birth-blog013 Marley-birth-blog014 Marley-birth-blog015 Marley-birth-blog016 Marley-birth-blog017 Marley-birth-blog018 Marley-birth-blog019 Marley-birth-blog020 Marley-birth-blog021 Marley-birth-blog022 Marley-birth-blog023 Marley-birth-blog024 Marley-birth-blog025 Marley-birth-blog026 Marley-birth-blog027 Marley-birth-blog028 Marley-birth-blog029 Marley-birth-blog030 Marley-birth-blog031 Marley-birth-blog032 Marley-birth-blog033 Marley-birth-blog034 Marley-birth-blog035 Marley-birth-blog036 Marley-birth-blog037 Marley-birth-blog038 Marley-birth-blog039

13 thoughts on “The speedy birth of Marley – Pompano Beach birth photographer

  1. i think there is a story within each photo. i have never seen as beautiful birth photos as yours. you capture exactly what i would want to hold onto later. i love the image of bob marley, too, the little babe’s namesake? these will make incredible additions to their photo library on their walls, xo

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  3. Oh, my goodness, April and Zack!!! You two are incredible!!! What a great way to have a baby!!! Little Marley is adorable, and I know big sister Malia has taken over. I can’t wait to see you all and our newest member of the family!!! Love and hugs, GREAT grandma Dee

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