H2 Oh! Summer Mini Sessions

I have a couple of goals for this summer, the main one being “Have as much fun as possible.”

At first, this mostly applied to my children and how I planned to soak up all the wonderful bits of my favorite time of year.

But then I thought – why limit this just to my personal life? There is nothing I LOVE more to photograph than a kid drenched in water, gleeful and loving life in some magical summertime sunshine.

I mean, I LOVE photographing that. I won’t even say “borderline” obsession. We could just skip to the full-blown obsession.

You get it?

So to honor my promise to myself for this summer to have as much fun as possible, I’d like to make a special deal with my clients.

You let me spend some time with you having a blast in some water and I give you a set of incredible, fun, beautiful images that will remind you of summer all year long. (For a great price, too!!)

Water = splash pads, beach, back yard kiddie pools, in-ground pools, sprinklers, hose spraying, whatEVER. As long as there is water, kids, fun and pretty light.

The fine print: Sessions must be booked by the end of May. A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking. Sessions will be in June and July only.

I can’t wait to see you in the water this summer!!

watersessions001 watersessions002 watersessions003 watersessions004 watersessions005 watersessions006 watersessions007 watersessions008 watersessions009 watersessions010 watersessions011 watersessions012 watersessions013 watersessions014 watersessions015 watersessions016

3 thoughts on “H2 Oh! Summer Mini Sessions

  1. Hi Emily!

    Yippie !!!! I would like some time in July to See if I can get my munchkin use to water, please. not a big fan right now :0(. I just don’t want you to run out of spots. Let me know what I have to do.

    And as always thank you this special treat Have a great day!!!

    Lian Marques. Aka Elizabeth’s mom

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