Bright, fun and full of love – Miami family photographer

When Kristen mentioned she’d like to do her session down at the Wynwood murals, I was SO excited.

It’s a photographer’s paradise – full of huge vivid, graffiti walls. And while I was initially super excited, I realized that it could be easy to become very visually distracted at this session.

I love to tell a story of family, and love, and connections in my work. It’s usually not about color and not about how amazing the setting is.

Lucky for me, this family made it easy for me to stay focused on what is most important to me in a photo. They were fun, happy, and truly in love with each other.

I got such a kick out of watching dad try to pull Lennox out of his initial shyness – showing him how to jump BIG and toss him in the air, chasing him and encouraging him to have fun.

All that was fantastic fun, but the icing on the cake was wrapping up with a big ‘ol splash fest in a giant rain puddle.



5 thoughts on “Bright, fun and full of love – Miami family photographer

  1. I know this area from another Miami photographer & love it and these are all so jubilant! I would love to have photos of my family in a place like this. You say your photos aren’t about the place, but for those of us (mr maybe it’s just me) who don’t have ocean everyday, your photos really do seem to marry the fun and love of family members enjoying a beautiful place. This doesn’t feel any different to me.

    • Aww, thanks. Perhaps I take my cool locations for granted! It IS fun to be in a pretty location like the beach or at these walls. I guess what I meant is that I try not to get too carried away with the perfect location because any spot can be grand if the subjects are happy and the light is decent. 😉 Who is the other Miami photog? Just curious! xoxo

  2. Fun!!! My faves are the ones of Dad throwing Lennox up in the air…and the zebra wall…and Mom & Dad kissing…but they’re all so joyful and vibrant!

  3. you know how much i love this already right? i can feel the happiness you experience in your images em…it shines through brightly! you have found the place that so many search for…i’m so happy i was here to witness it. big love to you friend xx

  4. Just brilliant… was just thinking the other day about taking my own 2 out for a day shoot with some cool graffiti. Now I know have to do it. I love the three of them laughing with Lennox on his shoulders. Just beautiful.

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