After all the hoopla – The “big” picture

Deep breath. What can I say about this weekend’s viral birth story?

I’ll start with the obvious. Thank You.
Thank You, Universe – for timing everything just exactly right.
Thank you Amy Beth and Joe Cavaretta for being super amazing people, friends, and photojournalists willing to share your very intimate story, literally, with the entire world. Thank you, especially, Amy Beth, for maintaining the idea that having a baby in this manner is “no big deal.” You make me laugh – in a really good way.
Thank you midwife Laurie Ross-Berke for handling the entire affair so effortlessly and professionally and graciously. It’s not every day that a midwife is at the ready to catch a baby at the entrance to the hospital doors. You did it so quietly and happily I might think it was your normal work day routine.
Thank you to every single person – my family, close friends, clients and thousands of strangers –  who took time to write “amazing!” or “I cried!” or to congratulate and smile and cheer along with us through this story.
If there is one thing that will stay with me for the rest of my life, it will be this – For just a moment, I feel like I was lucky enough to be randomly selected as a person who could send a ripple of joy through the entire world with the power of photography.
That is all I could ever ask for in a lifetime.
Joe and Amy Beth in the driveway, headed to the hospital.
Amy Beth and Laurie Ross-Berke hugging about an hour after Sienna was born.

10 thoughts on “After all the hoopla – The “big” picture

  1. And now you’re a huge inspiration to myself and a thousand others. I found your story through Amanda with Kimberlin gray photography. I am so happy I did! Congratulations! You and Amy Beth deserved it!

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