Amila and the baby bump – Hollywood Beach maternity photographer

I’m late getting this blog post out. Beautiful Susanna and her lovely family have already welcomed sweet little baby, Reef.

These images were taken when she was he was nearly fully baked – at 39 weeks. Doesn’t she look stunning at that stage?!

I think I was probably mumbling around semi-coherently staring at my cankles and cussing at 39 weeks with my last pregnancy…

I digress.

“Maternity” photography sounds so cheesy, doesn’t it? Sometimes I think it might conjure up the wrong idea.

Hopefully nothing THIS terrible, but still.

I digress, again.

A “maternity” session, when you’ve got a kiddo or kiddos already, is really just a family session that tells the story of your exciting new chapter. It’s about those last few weeks, or days, as a smaller family before you add a new person to the mix.

The “bump” as it were, is just part of story of a growing family.

On this particular morning, Amila was my muse and narrator to this family story. Her, with those blue eyes and white hair and freckles..

I really enjoyed watching how much love her parents poured onto her, and how she romped carelessly around the beach, so beautifully unaware of what this all meant – a new baby coming soon.


sussana-mat-blg001sussana-mat-blg002 sussana-mat-blg003 sussana-mat-blg004 sussana-mat-blg005 sussana-mat-blg006 sussana-mat-blg007 sussana-mat-blg008 sussana-mat-blg009 sussana-mat-blg010 sussana-mat-blg011 sussana-mat-blg012 sussana-mat-blg013 sussana-mat-blg014 sussana-mat-blg015 sussana-mat-blg016 sussana-mat-blg017 sussana-mat-blg018 sussana-mat-blg019 sussana-mat-blg020 sussana-mat-blg021 sussana-mat-blg022 sussana-mat-blg023




12 thoughts on “Amila and the baby bump – Hollywood Beach maternity photographer

  1. I am a fellow photographer and very much enjoy your work!! I love the candidness, the clean edits, the creative perspectives. Spectacular!!

    May I ask which plug-in you are using for your comments area? I like the simplicity of it and also the versatility of being able to post via facebook or twitter. I use LiveFyre now but I like your comment area better! πŸ™‚

      • Hahaha–no worries! That actually IS helpful! Maybe I’m over-complicating things and should just get back to basics! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the reply! πŸ™‚ Really love your work! πŸ™‚

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  3. Found you from Iβ™₯Faces and absolutely love the clean, rich photos! I’d love to see a before & after of the one you submitted…it’s hard to fathom how you got such a great shot in that light! Job well done ☺

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