Finding Home – Cooper the puppy has gotten big!

Remember the Heywang Family and their sleepy little puppy? When I went to visit them the first time, he was only weeks old and a couple of days into his new life at their house.

I went back a few months later to see how Cooper and his family had adjusted to each other.

Well, let’s just say this session was EXACTLY what I love about a dog and a family full of kids.

If you have followed my images of Sonny, and our girls, you know why. 😉

I think there might not be anything better than a yard full of kids, a hose, a dog and some sunlight.

Oh, and be sure to scroll to the end to read more about my Finding Home project.

heywang-fam-blog001 heywang-fam-blog002 heywang-fam-blog003 heywang-fam-blog004 heywang-fam-blog005 heywang-fam-blog006 heywang-fam-blog007 heywang-fam-blog008 heywang-fam-blog009 heywang-fam-blog010 heywang-fam-blog011 heywang-fam-blog012 heywang-fam-blog013 heywang-fam-blog014 heywang-fam-blog015 heywang-fam-blog016 heywang-fam-blog017 heywang-fam-blog018 heywang-fam-blog019 heywang-fam-blog020 heywang-fam-blog021 heywang-fam-blog022 heywang-fam-blog023ABOUT THIS PROJECT:

I began the Finding Home project in January as a way to show people how rewarding it can be to adopt a pet from a local shelter. We adopted our own dog, Sonny, aka, Sonny the Ninja, or Sonny the Flying Super Dog, from the Humane Society of Broward County in March of 2012. Watching him grow and photographing him with my kids made me want to tell the same story for other families. The point of the project is simple: “Look how awesome it is to have a pet in your family! And by the way, shelter animals are super cool and that’s where you should go first!”

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