10 on 10 for June – a yearlong recap

With this final installment of the 10 on 10 project, the project comes to a close.

Admittedly I have fizzled out at the end. I skipped last month, and this month I’m “cheating” by doing a recap of each of the month’s fave images.

But I’m so grateful to have completed this project. It made me feel great to go back and have this archive of my year.

Maddie is out of diapers and got rid of the paci. Zoey has blossomed even further into her role as as a sensitive, beautiful child.

I realized when picking my favorite image from each month, a couple of themes emerged. Images that are either funny, storytelling, or emotional (good or bad) are the ones that appeal most to me.

Yes, a snot wad from Maddie was my favorite shot for November and she appeared again as a wailing brat with cottage cheese stuck in her teeth for my favorite image in January.

Zoey’s red-rimmed tearful eyes and backlit hair reminded me of how life on the playground can be a difficult place to navigate emotions when you are 6 years old, so that made my favorite image in February.

I couldn’t pick only one image from our September camping trip – so Zoey hugging a tree and Maddie passed out on an air mattress under a fan are included here. It tells me that another camping trip is due, ASAP.

And of course, I cannot forget the comic relief that Sonny always provides. Whether leaping at hose water or being groomed with a toothbrush, he’s the world’s best dog to photograph.

So here’s a set of my fave images from this year’s project.


1-JULY 2-AUG 3-SEPTA 3-SEPTB 4-OCT 5-NOV 6-DEC 7-JAN 8-FEB 9-MAR 10-APRILAnd now head over the the super Cherish Bryck to see what she cooked up for this month!

9 thoughts on “10 on 10 for June – a yearlong recap

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  2. Still..so great!!!! My daughter is 2 and sitting on my lap looking at your pics and she saw the black and white of your daughters runny nose and looked at me and said..”Is yucky nose, Mama?” lol

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