Worth getting up for

First, I need to say that I am NOT a morning person. I loooove to sleep in and stay up way too late. So I wince right along with my clients sometimes when I say sunrise is the time to meet for our session. But after a particularly lovely early-morning session today, I felt the need to write my official reasons that 6:30 a.m. is a brilliant time to take photos.

Top 10 reasons to schedule a session for sunrise
1. The light. Well, duh. Nothing beats the rich, warm colors, long shadows and hazy, dreamy light when the sun is still low in the sky. Yes, it’s like that near sunset, too. But let me continue…
 2. It’s not a race. Unlike sunset sessions that are over once the sky gets too dark, sunrise sessions have a little more wiggle room to shoot longer if needed.
 3. Dew drops. The golden hour in the evening is gorgeous, but there won’t ever be a blanket of sparkling jewelry on the grass like there is in the early morning.
 4. No crowds. Many of the prettiest local parks, playgrounds and beaches are completely empty.
 5. Flexibility. Most people work Monday-Friday and weekend sessions book up very quickly. Sunrise sessions are usually wrapped up by 9-9:30 a.m. and you’ll still have time to get into work if you set up a session for the week day.
 6. Weather is more stable. In South Florida the weather in the afternoon, especially in the late spring and summer months, can be very unpredictable. But sunrise hour is typically more reliable. Bonus, you know right away when you wake up if the weather is going to be good or bad, rather than waiting around all day nervously watching the clouds.
 7. The whole day is ahead of you. Speaking of waiting around nervously… Doing a session at sunrise means you still have an ENTIRE day to do whatever you want.
 8. Naps. If you can manage it, taking a nap in the late morning or afternoon is awesome, right?
 9. Kids are happier. Yep! It’s true! Many times parents are reluctant to schedule sunrise sessions because they have young kids who aren’t “morning people.” But I promise that when you wake a kid up for an adventure, even at a very early hour, they will be more likely to be cooperative and cheerful because they have slept all night. By contrast, sunset times can be trickier for young kids because they are tired from the day and creeping toward their bedtimes.
 10. Practice. 😉 If your session is for maternity, chances are you’ll be getting up all hours of the day with your new baby in the very near future and sunrise hour is no biggie.
sunrisesessions001 sunrisesessions002 sunrisesessions003 sunrisesessions004 sunrisesessions005 sunrisesessions006 sunrisesessions007 sunrisesessions008 sunrisesessions009 sunrisesessions010

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