Welcome, Sage Moon Nakoa – Miami Springs Birth Photographer

First, let me mention that I missed this birth by minutes.

When I arrived, the lovely Sheila opened the door for me and I heard the unmistakable new baby cry and thought “Oh! No!!”

But the way she smiled so calmly at me and ushered me upstairs, I immediately relaxed and realized how much beauty there was to photograph in these early moments.

All births I document are special, but Melissa’s birth was especially important. I met Melissa more than 2 years ago when she was a doula for the mother of my very first birth.

Later, I photographed her as a stunning bride on the beach, when she married Lance in a dress she made herself.

She continues to leave me awestruck.

Her family is bursting at the seams with love. Every square inch of their sweet little apartment is filled with artwork, photos, and the details of people who live life fully. Surfboards, fishing poles, bikes, and even handmade baby hammocks, which Lance constructed and Melissa sewed.

So, without too much more gushing, here are some moments from the night Sage Moon was brought earthside.

*** I have to note that I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that Sage is sending a little message to her surfer parents in that 9th image. 😉

mc-birth001 mc-birth002 mc-birth003 mc-birth004 mc-birth005 mc-birth006 mc-birth007 mc-birth008 mc-birth009 mc-birth010 mc-birth011 mc-birth012 mc-birth013 mc-birth014 mc-birth015 mc-birth016 mc-birth017 mc-birth018 mc-birth019 mc-birth020 mc-birth021 mc-birth022 mc-birth023 mc-birth024

9 thoughts on “Welcome, Sage Moon Nakoa – Miami Springs Birth Photographer

  1. speechless and with tear-filled eyes, here. i love this last family bed image too. all of them are filled with a story within the story. xo

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