Behold – a new baby – Fort Lauderdale Newborn Photographer

Something about this simple, sweet session made me reflect on the word “behold.”

I love to watch a family actively, quietly love a new baby. To behold.

It’s what we do with new babies. We look at them. Stare and marvel and smile.

The window light in the upstairs bedroom was so beautiful, I was able to get a portrait with Giana being held in each person’s arms. Her mother, father, big brother, and grandmother.

This session was so peaceful and easy going. A playdate happened. A diaper was changed. Dad eventually went off to work. Snacks were made.

Giana slept through the entire time I was there, and even gave us some smiles in the sunlight under the pink bougainvillea bush.


soble-newborn-BLOG001 soble-newborn-BLOG002 soble-newborn-BLOG003 soble-newborn-BLOG004 soble-newborn-BLOG005 soble-newborn-BLOG006 soble-newborn-BLOG007 soble-newborn-BLOG008 soble-newborn-BLOG009 soble-newborn-BLOG010 soble-newborn-BLOG011 soble-newborn-BLOG012 soble-newborn-BLOG013 soble-newborn-BLOG014 soble-newborn-BLOG015 soble-newborn-BLOG016 soble-newborn-BLOG017 soble-newborn-BLOG018

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