A new baby girl, right on time – Miami Beach birth photographer

Do you remember this adorable couple?

I could hardly believe it when beautiful Courtney told me she didn’t like being photographed. During their maternity session, I found the connection between Alfredo and Courtney so warm and happy and infectious.

So when it was time to head to meet their baby girl, on her actual due date,  I was really looking forward to documenting their connection again.

Courtney went through some INTENSE contractions in a very short amount of time – she went from barely ready to “time to push” in a couple of hours.

Alfredo supported her through it beautifully, and I think we were all relieved on her behalf when an epidural gave her some relief.

Shortly after, beautiful baby Isabel arrived.

I didn’t think it was possible to see these two fall even more in love, but I have photographic evidence of it.


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3 thoughts on “A new baby girl, right on time – Miami Beach birth photographer

  1. I am now officially crying…since none of courtney’s northern family could be there to welcome issy I can’t begin to tell how happy I am to see these beautiful photos…you captured it all so beautifully!

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