What we learn – Boynton Beach Birth Photographer

It’s sometimes a surprise to new parents how much we learn about ourselves when children arrive. Many of those lessons emerge before the baby arrives.

Patience comes to mind as one of the most important things children teach us. In the case of Brent and Vanessa, that lesson came on full force when their due date came and went… and went…. all the way to 42 weeks.

Our children also teach us about being flexible and open-minded and focusing on the big picture. Brent and Vanessa had planned on delivering Matilda in a birth center, but they ended up in a hospital. They hoped for a vaginal delivery, but some erratic heart rhythms of their baby meant a c-section was a safer option in the end. Throughout Vanessa’s long labor, they had the support and compassion of Kris, their doula and longtime friend.

I think you’ll see through these images that these two have the best qualities they will need to make them successful parents – a sense of humor. Reverence. Endurance. Patience. Love.

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5 thoughts on “What we learn – Boynton Beach Birth Photographer

  1. Vanessa and Brent, I actually started to cry looking at these photos and thinking about your story from when I visited you in October. V, you are a warrior! Brent, I only met you for half a day but I love you as much as I love your amazing wife whom I know 14 years. You both deserve more good stuff than you know. I look forward to watching your beautiful daughter grow up via facebook and it fills me with joy to see your ambition for a family fulfilled. You guys are the best.xxx

  2. This brings back so many memories for me when two years ago I went over 42 weeks and had to leave my birth center for an induction at the hospital. I wish I had you there to tell my story. Beautiful as always.

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