Born into adventure – Miami birth photographer

This little girl…. Her birth makes me think of that Dr. Seuss book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

Born into the pure, infectious happiness of her amazing parents, she’ll be off and traveling soon with them both as they perform around the world in the circus.

Andrey and Irina have this wildly charismatic way together. I had a serious photo crush on them when I shot their beach maternity session a few weeks earlier. But being witness to their birth was even more special. When circumstances changed from a vaginal birth to a c-section, there was nothing but love, good spirits and enthusiasm.  Well, maybe a bit of nerves, but Andrey worked that out with a few handstands in the hallway before he went into the operating room!

I could write more about how fun and amazing they are, but as usual, the photos explain this way better than my words can.

irina-birthblog001 irina-birthblog002 irina-birthblog003 irina-birthblog004 irina-birthblog005 irina-birthblog006 irina-birthblog007 irina-birthblog008 irina-birthblog009 irina-birthblog010 irina-birthblog011 irina-birthblog012 irina-birthblog013 irina-birthblog014 irina-birthblog015 irina-birthblog016 irina-birthblog017 irina-birthblog018 irina-birthblog019 irina-birthblog020 irina-birthblog021 irina-birthblog022 irina-birthblog023 irina-birthblog024 irina-birthblog025 irina-birthblog026 irina-birthblog027 irina-birthblog028 irina-birthblog029 irina-birthblog030 irina-birthblog031 irina-birthblog032 irina-birthblog033 irina-birthblog034 irina-birthblog035 irina-birthblog036 irina-birthblog037 irina-birthblog038 irina-birthblog039 irina-birthblog040 irina-birthblog041 irina-birthblog042 irina-birthblog043 irina-birthblog044 irina-birthblog045 irina-birthblog046 irina-birthblog047 irina-birthblog048 irina-birthblog049 irina-birthblog050 irina-birthblog051 irina-birthblog052 irina-birthblog053 irina-birthblog054 irina-birthblog055 irina-birthblog056 irina-birthblog057 irina-birthblog058 irina-birthblog059 irina-birthblog060 irina-birthblog061 irina-birthblog062

3 thoughts on “Born into adventure – Miami birth photographer

  1. papa holding babe on his forearm…sigh…my current fave.
    i saw them earlier and it was a different one that was a fave. i like that.
    they are so in love and it really shows with your art. xoxo

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