Oh, the light.. and the love. Miami newborn photographer

This was part 3 of documenting Courtney and Alfredo’s journey into parenthood.

We had fun playing in the ocean for their maternity session. Then I had the privilege of documenting their most important day – the birth of beautiful, sweet little Issy.

It felt so completely natural hanging out with them in this glorious morning light with their dogs and new baby girl. It was mellow and fun and full of sunrise light and silly dog faces and sleepy baby smiles. Utopian, really.

courtney-newborn002 courtney-newborn007 courtney-newborn013 courtney-newborn014 courtney-newborn018 courtney-newborn023 courtney-newborn027 courtney-newborn028 courtney-newborn031 courtney-newborn033 courtney-newborn034 courtney-newborn035 courtney-newborn041 courtney-newborn045 courtney-newborn047 courtney-newborn048 courtney-newborn049 courtney-newborn052 courtney-newborn057 courtney-newborn058 courtney-newborn061 courtney-newborn062 courtney-newborn067 courtney-newborn069 courtney-newborn076 courtney-newborn081

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