Catching the ultimate prize – Fort Lauderdale birth photographer


Perhaps I should have picked up on the foreshadowing of amazing photographic moments when a flock of seagulls spontaneously embraced Morgan like a pregnant goddess during our maternity session…

Hannon’s birth happened over the course of almost 2 days while the processes of a scheduled induction went smoothly and according to plan. Morgan checked in on a Friday night and her sweet baby boy was born barely into Sunday morning. Family members who lived far away were able to “join” via technology. 😉

The steady, slow pace of the birth made it almost seem surreal when a nurse finally told Morgan she was almost ready to push. Overcome with emotions and determination, she beautifully birthed her son into his father’s hands. It was incredibly moving and emotional to witness their birth, and the photo of Kok holding his baby has been shared thousands of times, all over the world since.

What an honor to be there and capture these moments for them.


morgan-birth-blg001 morgan-birth-blg002 morgan-birth-blg003 morgan-birth-blg004 morgan-birth-blg005 morgan-birth-blg006 morgan-birth-blg007 morgan-birth-blg008 morgan-birth-blg009 morgan-birth-blg010 morgan-birth-blg011 morgan-birth-blg012 morgan-birth-blg013 morgan-birth-blg014 morgan-birth-blg015 morgan-birth-blg016 morgan-birth-blg017 morgan-birth-blg018 morgan-birth-blg019 morgan-birth-blg020 morgan-birth-blg021 morgan-birth-blg022 morgan-birth-blg023 morgan-birth-blg024 morgan-birth-blg025 morgan-birth-blg026 morgan-birth-blg027 morgan-birth-blg028 morgan-birth-blg029 morgan-birth-blg030 morgan-birth-blg031 morgan-birth-blg032 morgan-birth-blg033 morgan-birth-blg034 morgan-birth-blg035 morgan-birth-blg036 morgan-birth-blg037 morgan-birth-blg038 morgan-birth-blg039 morgan-birth-blg040 morgan-birth-blg041 morgan-birth-blg042 morgan-birth-blg043 morgan-birth-blg044 morgan-birth-blg045

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