A new baby girl arrives – Boynton Beach birth photographer

Each birth I am privileged to document has something about it that strikes me.

Beautiful little Logan’s birth was filled with cheerful and peaceful energy.

She was born on the first of the month, early in the morning, just as scheduled. Every moment of the morning and afternoon was joyous and decorated with grinning faces and loving visitors.

Editing through these images I was struck by how many wide, full and contagious smiles there were on the day she arrived.

“Peace begins with a smile,” said Mother Theresa.

Indeed. 🙂

**Special credit is due for images captured in the operating room.

I was not allowed inside during the delivery, but dad and an attending nurse did an amazing job gathering those moments.

tucker-birth001 tucker-birth002 tucker-birth003 tucker-birth004 tucker-birth005 tucker-birth006 tucker-birth007 tucker-birth008 tucker-birth009 tucker-birth010 tucker-birth011 tucker-birth012 tucker-birth013 tucker-birth014 tucker-birth015 tucker-birth016 tucker-birth017 tucker-birth018 tucker-birth019 tucker-birth020 tucker-birth021 tucker-birth022 tucker-birth023 tucker-birth024 tucker-birth025 tucker-birth026 tucker-birth027 tucker-birth028 tucker-birth029 tucker-birth030 tucker-birth031 tucker-birth032 tucker-birth033 tucker-birth034 tucker-birth035 tucker-birth036 tucker-birth037 tucker-birth038 tucker-birth039 tucker-birth040 tucker-birth041 tucker-birth042 tucker-birth043 tucker-birth044 tucker-birth045 tucker-birth046 tucker-birth047 tucker-birth048 tucker-birth049 tucker-birth050 tucker-birth051 tucker-birth052 tucker-birth053 tucker-birth054

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