The peaceful birth of Espen – Hollywood Birth Center birth photographer

Some women seem to have such an ease about becoming mothers. Susan is one of them.

She brought her first baby, her son Espen, into the world naturally, peacefully and filled with her own strength.

We were chatting recently via text about how life was with a new baby — how it was going.. etc..

After a couple texts about sleeping, gassy issues, work..  she wrote “I figure if I love him and try to pay attention to him and talk to him, I’m on the right track.”

You can see that kind of peace and ease in her face, even in the hardest moments just before Espen was born.

And it’s not fair to talk only about mom.

Oscar was so concentrated, so attentive and loving throughout their process, I think he might have been a doula in a previous life.

I like this quote to begin this birth story:

“We sat side by side in the morning light & looked out at the future together.” — Storypeople

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