My girls, lately

It’s been way too long since I blogged anything of my personal life. July, actually. I checked then gasped a bit.

I spent the entire day with my girls yesterday making crafty things. We were home because there was no school. Frankly, I didn’t set out to do an entire day of art with them. When the day began, it was my instinct to fill the day moving about, adventuring around, GOING somewhere. But a both girls were sick with a stomach bug that made staying near a toilette necessary, so we stayed in. Quietly.

It was amazing and fun and made me realize that I miss them more than I knew.

Here are some highlights from my personal life over the last couple months. I felt a need today to post these images so I can remind myself, and my clients, where my heart and inspiration comes from. My girls. ❤

emblog001 emblog002 emblog003 emblog004 emblog005 emblog006 emblog007 emblog008 emblog009 emblog010 emblog011 emblog012 emblog013 emblog014 emblog015 emblog016 emblog017 emblog018 emblog019

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